At I Dream of Jeanne Cakes, we understand that you want your wedding cake to look gorgeous and taste great! We can take your favorite flavors and make a delicious wedding cake for your guests to enjoy as a plated dessert or as part of a dessert station, or even offer a selection of your favorite desserts (is there something you both like – maybe it’s pie, or pudding, or a beloved family favorite dessert) as part of a dessert station, candy buffet or sweet table.

A three tier cake can be sized to serve 80 or 100; a four tier cake can be sized to serve 130 to 180. In many cases, clients choose a three tier design and use what we call utility cake to provide additional servings. (For example, if you have 200 guests, you may choose a 4 tier cake that serves 130, and then have 70 utility cake servings. Your guests will not know from which cake they are being served.) Cakes are three layers of cake, and two layers of filling.

Please call or email to schedule a consultation where we will chat about your wedding – colors, florals, fashion, invitations – feel free to bring your entire wedding file because designing a custom wedding cake is a collaborative effort!

Private consultations last approximately an hour, and are limited to 2 people. We schedule appointments Monday through Thursday evenings from 5 to 7 pm; or during the day from Monday through Wednesday; and sometimes on weekends depending on our workload. During the consultation we will sketch a design, and make notes regarding flavor choices. A $100, non-refundable deposit secures our services for your event date. Once your final count is confirmed, we will calculate the remaining balance, which is due five days before the event.

We limit the number of bookings we take.

The wedding cake gallery shows three different categories of cake design:

Elegant – clean lines, buttercream finish, your own fresh florals. Cakes in this category are priced between $4.75 and $5.25 per serving.

Extraordinary – a little more design detail, sometimes fondant embellishments, or even a simple fondant cover with your own fresh flowers or a few handmade gum paste flowers. Cakes in this category start at $6 per serving and can go higher.

Extravagant – these are all out, over the top or large cakes that are fondant designs. Some use custom-designed stands which require a deposit and must be returned to us. Designs in this category start at $8 per serving.

All of the cakes in our galleries were made by I Dream of Jeanne Cakes, and some are our interpretations of designs from other cake stylists and we offer our thanks and credit where credit is due!